About Us

What We’re About

MobileBuckz Affiliate program has been paying affiliates since 2014. We pay affiliates for completing tasks and referring friends. We work closely with various ad companies to provide this advertisement system. MobileBuckz is the #1 Mobile Affiliate site. It’s easy to get started. Register today and start earning!

How We Operate

We pay our members instantly through PayPal only. You can view and track your status/earnings through our advanced dashboard. Our competitors make their members wait a certain day of the week to get paid. However, we pay our members whenever they request.


We provide the best dashboard for affiliates, which comes with a handful of useful tools that can be used to increase your earnings. The dashboard also comes with a helpful tips so you can get started easier.

You’ll find a unique referral link inside our dashboard. Your unique referral link is used to track the amount of people you are referring to our site. We have one of the best tracking systems available, and we combine that with our world-class customer service to give our members the ultimate experience.